A conversation…

for Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt where the given word is Delicate, and the limit is 106 words.




‘Excuse me, sir, your erm…your…thing…’

‘What thing Madam?’

‘Your…doo-dah is erm…’

‘Spit it out lady’

‘Well, it’s somewhat delicate’

‘What is for goodness sake?’

‘I can see your…erm….’

‘Speak up woman, I can barely hear you’.

‘I don’t wish to attract attention to… it’.

‘It?  What it?’

By now their imbroglio had mustered considerable interest.  Some looked on and pointed, some covered their mouths to muffle their chortles.  Others adopted a perturbed countenance whilst scurrying past, eyes shielded.

He glanced down attempting to ascertain what was enticing so much attention.

‘Oh, that’.

Buttoning up his fly, he strode off.






15 thoughts on “A conversation…

  1. pensitivity101 Sep 14, 2019 / 15:29

    Half mast or flying low used to cover it sotospeak, with the occasion huffy ‘You shouldn’t be looking’!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Na'ama Yehuda Sep 16, 2019 / 13:13

    I think she made it worse … 😉 Just go ahead and let the guy know their fly is down. I mean, as long as the flag’s not flying, ’tis clearly just a matter of wardrobe malfunction.
    Well done, Keith — it does portray the reality of how so many fumble through what really shouldn’t be made such a big deal of.
    As for the dude — I recommend a hearing test … 😉

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Dale Sep 16, 2019 / 17:35

    Too funny!
    I knew exactly what she was hemming and hawing about. I, for one, am more direct… Yo! Check below!


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