A silly story…

for Sunday Photo Fiction


It looked fabulous in the brochure. Wonderful sun-drenched beaches, lush jungles, magnificent waterfalls and fabulous food. And here I am. Another place ticked off my bucket list. Beautiful Belize; a jewel on the eastern coast of South America they call it. Paradise.

Oh dear. Is this it?

Right, there’s a chemist shop, so I’ll be able to get some suntan lotion. There’s a chap asleep in a chair selling something leafy, don’t know what it is and I’m not sure I want to know! Oh look, there’s a place down there where I can buy some supplies. Trouble is, I need to change my money to the local stuff and I don’t see a bureau de change anywhere. Oh, hang on, the store’s called Poundyard so it probably takes my English money!

But that’s it.

Ahah! There’s the tourist information! My holiday starts here and now.

Oh dear, it’s closed.

Now, how do I get back to the hotel? This way or that way?



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Sunday Photo Fiction is hosted by Susan Spaulding who also provided the picture.


13 thoughts on “A silly story…

  1. ceayr Apr 21, 2019 / 11:55

    I think we’ve all been there, Keith, if not in Belize then in Spain, Greece, Turkey…
    Neatly summed up.

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    • Keith's Ramblings Apr 21, 2019 / 13:00

      Too right we have. Last time something like this happened to me I’d just arrived in Casablanca! Oh dear!


  2. Violet Lentz Apr 21, 2019 / 13:09

    I’ve never seen this on a travel brochure for Belize! excellent take, Keith.


  3. messymimi's meanderings Apr 21, 2019 / 15:15

    If you are going abroad, get some local money from your own bank before you go and do your research! Excellent story of someone who didn’t. He’ll have a good time anyway, it will just take a longer adjustment.

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  4. XmasDolly Apr 21, 2019 / 20:20

    Belize, my mother-in-law went there. She did a lot of traveling and hubby has tee shirts from many countries. I got a little gold keepsake box that I love. I keep my gramma’s rosary in there that’s so tiny. It’s a great case for that. My MIL was in Turkey the year they had an earth quake we were so worried about her, but all was fine. I miss her so much. She was not only a great lady, but totally fascinating and my best friend!!! Have a great time there and I hope you post more pictures. 🙂 Oh and please be aware of your surroundings. 🙂 Be safe and have fun! Oh my, I just noticed… have you been to all of these countries??? ooooooooooooooooooooo I’M OFF TO SEE THE WORLD… I’ve never left the U.S. 😦 but I have many pictures from a few countries thanks to my MIL…. AND now YOU! woo hoo! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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    • Keith's Ramblings Apr 22, 2019 / 09:12

      What lovely memories. I have indeed been to those countries and more – it’s what I love to do! Go on, jump on a plane!

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  5. michael1148humphris Apr 22, 2019 / 21:00

    Holidays, why do we take them, just kidding,

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