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When Bob mistook a cat for his crash helmet I suggested perhaps it was time he gave up using his motor scooter.

The other day he climbed aboard back-to-front and wondered where the handlebars had gone! Last week he jumped on someone else’s machine and didn’t understand why his key didn’t fit. Remember that scooter in the middle of the village pond? Yes, that was Bob’s!

Hard to believe he once raced motorbikes. He did Route 66 on a Harley. He performed stunts and won numerous ‘best bike’ awards. Once he even…….watch out, here he comes!

Phew, that was close.



ce3Friday Fictioneers is hosted by Rochelle. C E Ayr provided the photo.


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78 thoughts on “100 words…

  1. Denise Mar 6, 2019 / 12:09

    So, there was this elderly woman (in her 80s) who worked in the building I was working in. They didn’t have the sense to make her retire. She mistook a trash can for another employee(she was talking to it) and drove on the wrong side of the road. Must have been related to Bob.


  2. rochellewisoff Mar 6, 2019 / 12:39

    Dear Keith,

    Although the humor is at the forefront of this story, there’s an underlying tragedy. Well done.



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  3. Iain Kelly Mar 6, 2019 / 12:43

    Poor Bob. It’s difficult to admit those racing days are gone. Perhaps everyone could club together to get him something less dangerous, like a pedal bike or a push scooter.

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  4. trentpmcd Mar 6, 2019 / 13:30

    Poor Bob. I hope he walks away from the scooter before he has to be carted away…

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  5. Christine Goodnough Mar 6, 2019 / 13:39

    I really enjoyed your story on different levels. Humourous — yet it sounds too familiar. I have times when I know just how poor Bob must feel, like when I catch myself sticking the cream in the cupboard or see something on the counter and wonder how that got there.

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  6. Elizabeth Mar 6, 2019 / 14:57

    Oh dear, Bob is sadly not alone. I fear an entire generation of baby boomers are still riding motorcycles😉 Humor helps us to keep it all on perspective. Great story!

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  7. pennygadd51 Mar 6, 2019 / 15:00

    It’s sad that we slowly lose our capacity for things at which we once excelled. Poor Bob! I admire his spirit, but he really ought to recognise his limitations before he kills somebody.

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  8. gahlearner Mar 6, 2019 / 15:36

    Oh dear, poor Bob. Maybe new glasses’ll help?

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  9. theministryofshrawleywalks Mar 6, 2019 / 21:22

    Sounds like my Dad in his car, minus the awards, I wish he would stop driving a massive chunk of metal around the countryside when he can’t feel his legs! Good stuff as ever!

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  10. Mike Mar 6, 2019 / 23:35

    A story that should make me smile, but unfortunately to many fit the story like a glove. Last night I was involved in a conversation which mirrored this story

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  11. Fandango Mar 7, 2019 / 00:04

    Fortunately I retired my motorcycle and have resisted the urge to buy a motor scooter in my golden years. Otherwise, I’d probably have “Bob”-like stories for you to tell about me!

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    • Keith's Ramblings Mar 7, 2019 / 14:22

      My late neighbour did in fact go from a Harley to a Suzuki 650-twin scooter when he got to 73. He was slightly in my mind when I wrote this!

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  12. plaridel Mar 7, 2019 / 03:41

    perhaps it’s time for a new pair of glasses (pun intended.) 🙂

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  13. draliman Mar 7, 2019 / 08:28

    It’s hard to let go, but it’s definitely time for Bob to hang up his helmet 🙂

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  14. ceayr Mar 7, 2019 / 08:42

    I would think sticking a cat on his head would be a salutary lesson for poor Bob!

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  15. Sandra Mar 7, 2019 / 10:02

    I’d show this to my husband, but as the owner of two motor bikes, he wouldn’t believe I was dropping him a hint. Poor Bob

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  16. Abhijit Ray Mar 7, 2019 / 11:59

    Bob is getting old and it appears he is losing his mental faculty too.

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  17. Liz Young Mar 7, 2019 / 16:08

    My stepson lives in the Isle of Man – there are quite a few people there who ride bikes way past their capabilities.

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    • Keith's Ramblings Mar 8, 2019 / 09:43

      Perhaps that’s why the cats there have no tails – they keep getting run over!


  18. Woman walking Max Mar 7, 2019 / 17:22

    I really like the gentle way you tell Bob’s story, and with understanding. For me that side was more powerful than the humour.

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  19. Alice Audrey Mar 8, 2019 / 17:47

    Does that count as reliving your glory days?

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  20. Nobbinmaug Mar 8, 2019 / 23:22

    I’m not sure if that’s funny or sad. I like tragic comedies & comic tragedies. Good blend.

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  21. Margaret Mar 9, 2019 / 07:32

    My 91 year old mother has just passed her driving test and retains her full driving licence. There’s hope. Great story, even though poor Bob doesn’t seem to be having the luck my mum is.

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  22. larry trasciatti Mar 9, 2019 / 18:00

    Don’t be like Bob. Mr. Magoo should be drastically restricted when it comes to those kinds of things.

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  23. Björn Rudberg (brudberg) Mar 9, 2019 / 21:54

    Before my mother went totally demented she was out driving by herself at 4 AM in the morning, getting lost. Finally my sister said that she needed to borrow her car and never gave it back.


  24. subroto Mar 10, 2019 / 13:20

    And only today was I talking about this eighty nine year old lady who refuses to stop driving around in a busy city in India. I thought she was a young eight four, so now I am even more impressed and worried at the same time. If I live to that age I am upgrading to a mobility scooter.


    • Keith's Ramblings Mar 10, 2019 / 14:29

      Having witnessed the traffic and hanging on for dear life in tuc-tucs in various Indian cities over the years, I’m not sure I’d want to drive there at my age let alone 84!


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