A short story…

for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #2




The bulb flickered and went out. Suddenly I had no idea where I was. I glanced in the mirror but didn’t recognise the person gazing back at me. I looked around the room but nothing seemed familiar.

I walked outside and joined a stream of people slowly marching down the street. We arrived at a square. I knew nobody. Nobody knew me. We stood in groups in total silence.

As the sun went down we strolled into buildings. Some entered a hall, others a disused church. I found myself with my group in an empty store.

We slept until sunrise, then re-assembled in the square.  There was a flash in the sky, then a booming voice started counting…

‘Ten per cent, thirty per cent, seventy per cent, ninety-eight per cent, UPDATE COMPLETE’

Suddenly I recognised the people around me. Peter, Jimmy, Sally, all friends of mine! We laughed, we hugged! The sound of merry music came from the hall, the church bells rang and the store was fully stocked. I walked home with a spring in my step.

The bulb was glowing. I looked in the mirror and I looked back. I felt revived, rejuvenated. My previously clogged brain had space to spare, loads of it!

Life was wonderful again.



The image is from ColiN00B@Pixabay.com.

16 thoughts on “A short story…

  1. Billy Mac Feb 27, 2019 / 20:01

    life as a update and reboot. What a great concept


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