Sunday storytime…

for Sunday Photo Fiction


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I enjoy a good nightmare. It’s like watching a horror movie without paying for a ticket. Plus, I’m usually the star! I fancied one last night so I ate loads of cheese, it always helps, hopped into bed and nodded off in seconds.

I was wandering down a dark street searching for something, I don’t know what. Golden sunbeams lit my way. It was so quiet. I saw a little dog curled up in a doorway. It raised its head and smiled at me.  I smiled back.

Then it all kicked off. The sweet little dog grew into a fang-toothed monster. I ran. It chased. I tripped. It roared. I fell. It towered over me, green slime dribbling from its gaping mouth. I tried rolling away but it put a massive paw on my chest. I struggled. Then it raised a back leg and peed all over me. It was like a foul-smelling waterfall. Nasty.

Suddenly I jarred awake. I was a bit damp, but I won’t go into details.

As nightmares go, it wasn’t the best. If I’d paid to watch it, I’d have asked for a refund. But at least I‘d have had some popcorn to eat.



spf-10-07-18-ce-ayr-4 (1)Thanks to Susan Spaulding for hosting Sunday Photo Fiction and C. E. Ayr for the picture of his pet.





21 thoughts on “Sunday storytime…

  1. Violet Lentz Feb 3, 2019 / 11:31

    Nice job Keith. Seems neither of us was above a bit of potty humor today.. Must be the prompt….

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  2. ceayr Feb 3, 2019 / 12:42

    Any more vulgarity and I’ll sic Dolly on you!

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  3. Joy Pixley Feb 3, 2019 / 18:05

    Yes, please don’t go into detail about the “damp” part, thank you! You paint a believable nightmare, while being funny at the same time: tricky to do!

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  4. Abhijit Ray Feb 4, 2019 / 05:25

    I also think dream is like watching a movie without buying a ticket. But the monster could run that fast? Only in a dream may be, what do you think?

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  5. hilarymb Feb 4, 2019 / 09:01

    Hi Keith – well done … nightmares – the only good thing (apart from the dampness?!) is that one can ‘crash’ back down and have some decent sleep …

    I hadn’t looked at the Welsh dragon that those in the vicinity are stopping to look at – amazing sculpture from wood … it’s on the BBC … incredible work of art – I’m not surprised people want to look … and that would ‘scare me’ … cheers Hilary

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      • hilarymb Feb 4, 2019 / 10:59

        I hope it’s conserved … time will tell …

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  6. John Yeo Feb 4, 2019 / 20:24

    A dreamscape to be consigned to the pathways of the mind that deals with forgetting. A great story Kieth. 😊 I enjoyed your take on the prompt.

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  7. Susan Feb 9, 2019 / 16:06

    You are in top form today Keith! I thought maybe the dog was picking his face and got a bit excited (you know how dogs are). Personally, I would lay off the cheese, but to each his own.

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