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‘Are you getting one of those mobile telephone things Nora?’ asked Dora, pointing to a teenager.

‘No I’m not Dora’ shouted Nora.

‘Nor me Nora’ huffed Dora. ‘Youngsters today are attached to them, they never look where they’re walking’.

‘I almost got run down by a young mum with a pushchair yesterday  Dora’ said Nora. ‘More interested in her phone than her baby’.

‘Babies will be born with them in their hands soon Nora!’ chuckled Dora.

‘What’s that bloke doing Dora?’ asked Nora.

‘Carving a tree Nora’ said Dora. ‘It’s supposed to look like a person’.

‘It’s holding a bloody mobile phone Dora’ yelled Nora…





Friday Fictioneers is hosted by Rochelle. J. S. Brand provided this week’s photo.

75 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers

  1. Denise Nov 7, 2018 / 12:28

    I have a picture that I took in 1999 in Paris. We are at the top of the Eiffel tower and folks are talking on their phones. Well, maybe the reception was better up there.

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  2. Iain Kelly Nov 7, 2018 / 16:31

    Haha, nice spot. The portraits of the rich and wealthy will soon include them holding their smartphones too. 🙂

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  3. JS Brand Nov 7, 2018 / 17:36

    Wow, Keith, I thought that was a bacon bap! You must have gone to Specsavers.
    Great take and well-written – I could see the patterns on the ladies’ headscarves.

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  4. Björn Rudberg (brudberg) Nov 7, 2018 / 20:59

    Actually I don’t have a mobile phone… the new things are implants, always connected and the SIM card is my DNA. Right now I’m thinking of typing a comment …. see it works.

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  5. michael1148humphris Nov 7, 2018 / 23:10

    What a walk, I bet they keep talking even on a bus.

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  6. Prior... Nov 8, 2018 / 07:29

    This was really fun…
    And so true to life
    And I also
    Like the way you highlighted the detail that inspired you – and added hello – very fun

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  7. draliman Nov 8, 2018 / 08:02

    Move with the times, ladies 🙂
    I like your little photo cut-out!

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  8. 4963andypop Nov 8, 2018 / 13:40

    Cute! Future archeologists will discover petroglyphs of smartphones , no doubt

    One suggestion: in the first few lines of dialog, add commas. When I first read it, i understood Dora and Nora to be protesting that they were not each other. 😊

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    • Keith's Ramblings Nov 9, 2018 / 10:34

      …and they’ll probably laugh! Thanks for your suggestion. I originally put them in, but my Grammarly app made me take them out!

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  9. Abhijit Ray Nov 8, 2018 / 14:10

    Mobile phone has entered into every persons being. It is not possible to get rid of them.


    • Keith's Ramblings Nov 9, 2018 / 10:36

      I seriously thought everyone would home in on it! Not sure what that says about me!


  10. Brenda's Thoughts Nov 9, 2018 / 05:45

    I enjoyed the rythm of your story with Nora and Dora, great fun. The mobile phone “zombies” as my husband calls them, the ones who get to the top of the escalators and can’t be bothered to move out of the way because they are looking at their screens, drive me insane. Especially here in Hong Kong with masses of people moving from point A to B. Okay, rant over … lovely story, made me laugh. =)

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    • Keith's Ramblings Nov 9, 2018 / 10:38

      It’s annoying enough in my little seaside town, I can only imagine how irritating it is for you! Thanks Brenda

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  11. larry trasciatti Nov 9, 2018 / 12:47

    It never occurred to me to find a phone in the tree. You’re story’s such an amusing approach to a major complaint. I’ve never been able to stand phones, and now it’s even worse since there’s no escape from them.

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  12. granonine Nov 9, 2018 / 18:14

    Hilarious 🙂 I had two different young( 21 or younger) in my office yesterday. Both of them tucked their phones under a leg, imagining that I wouldn’t see them checking it every few seconds. Good grief. I finally objected, kindly and courteously, and they both blushed and apologized—but had to be asked quite pointedly to put the phones away.

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      • granonine Nov 9, 2018 / 18:54

        We got along without a lot of things then that we consider necessities now. Computers and electronics have certainly created a market that never existed before.

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  13. Dale Nov 9, 2018 / 21:30

    Excellent take, Keith! We do see different things, don’t we? And yes, bloody hell… I just spent 3 days in New York and was amazed how EVERYONE is connected to their cell…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Keith's Ramblings Nov 10, 2018 / 00:38

      My Friend Rosey is starting a campaign to have street lights and sign posts wrapped in foam because she keeps walking into them!


  14. Alicia Jamtaas Nov 9, 2018 / 23:01

    Delightful! It’s super fun that you saw that cellphone in the carving. Very much “it’s what you see.”

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  15. notestowomen Nov 12, 2018 / 20:28

    Haha, good one, Keith. You’re right or should I say that Nora and Dora are right about everybody having mobile phones nowadays. I remember back in the day when people had to use public phones and there were less distracted drivers and pedestrians.

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