Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers




looking_back___by_LestazCarrying her few possessions in a backpack, she took a last look at the room in which she’d led her solitary existence. Drawers hung open; the bed stripped. An old grey television, her only companion, sat greyer still on a crate in a corner. A stained curtain hung on two or three hooks above a grimy window; the only sound, the drip-drip-drip of a tap. 

She turned and wandered down the murky hall and a wry smile crept across her lips as she called out a final goodbye to the seemingly invisible people who lived their quiet lives behind closed doors. Stepping over a pile of junk mail on the crooked doormat she pushed open the door to a new life beyond her chamber of loneliness.

A shaft of sunlight settled on her shoulders; a ray of hope. A lady walking her dog smiled. A baby in a pushchair waved. A gipsy woman winked and pressed a bunch of lucky heather into her palm. A ten-pound note blew into her path. My time has come she thought. Her time had come.



photo-20181029154612551Written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers which is hosted by Priceless Joy. The picture prompt is by Jade M. Wong




29 thoughts on “Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

  1. Iain Kelly Oct 30, 2018 / 10:58

    A brave move, although tinged with hope I couldn’t help but feel a melancholy for those still left behind. Like the new picture Keith, looking well.

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    • Keith's Ramblings Oct 31, 2018 / 12:44

      I lived alone in a bedsit in London when I was 18. It was a lonely existence. Pleased you approve of my pic! It’s useful having a daughter who is a photographer!

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  2. Denise Oct 30, 2018 / 13:33

    For the first day in some time the sun is shining here. Maybe it will shine on her new life.

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  3. hilarymb Oct 30, 2018 / 16:08

    Hi Keith – she had picked up the pieces of her life and decided it was time to go – there was and is hope out there … so poignant – cheers Hilary

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  4. Joe Owens Oct 30, 2018 / 16:54

    A new path for the one who has waited for so long, bravo Keith.


  5. JS Brand Oct 30, 2018 / 21:46

    You left me wanting to know more about her past and her future Keith.


  6. Abhijit Ray Oct 31, 2018 / 03:25

    Day appears sunny, bright and kind once outside the room. Nice story.

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  7. anuragbakhshi Oct 31, 2018 / 03:39

    A melancholic piece for a change from you Keith, but one that ended on a ray of hope 🙂

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  8. Lynn Love Nov 2, 2018 / 14:28

    I could tell from your truthful description you’ve lived in a bedsit at one time, Keith. It rang unpleasant bells of shared accommodation for me. Attempted arson, physical threats, suicide attempts, two bipolar neighbours, one prostitute, two robberies and one neighbour in witness protection – we had them all! I hope the brighter future comes true. And I agree with Iain – great pic! 🙂

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    • Keith's Ramblings Nov 3, 2018 / 09:59

      I did, but I have to say it couldn’t have been more different from my subjects experience or that which you describe. I shared with 3 other guys in London in the late 60’s. I was in my late teens and it was a life of parties and dodgy fun! I eventually grew up!

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      • Lynn Love Nov 3, 2018 / 13:45

        That does sound like fun – even if it is dogy! 🙂

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