Friday Fictioneers



He was hoping for a watch. A carriage clock would have been nice. But no, he was given a glass bowl.

Forty-nine years, three months and six days he worked for the bank. Almost fifty years and all he got as a retirement gift was a bowl. Too big for his corn flakes, too small for his apples and pears. So he stuck a plant in it.

A few days later he accidentally stepped under a bus.


His daughter took some of his bits and pieces to an auction.

‘Lot six, a very rare and sought after Lalique crystal bowl. We’ll start the bidding at £11,900’



bowl-and-leavesFriday Fictioneers is hosted by Rochelle who also provided this weeks photograph.


83 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers”

  1. I’ve told my sons not to have a garage sale when I am gone but to take the china cabinet items to a local auctioneer. Some men do not appreciate fine art of any kind, lol. BTW, when I retired I got a suitcase cause they knew I planned to travel.

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  2. I love this Keith! A bitter old man, dying not knowing how much he was appreciated or that he was sitting on a small fortune. I feel like I can imagine his whole frustrated life from just a few lines. Brilliant writing.

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    1. Perhaps he thought he was late so he rushed across the road rather than waiting for the bus to pass which he wouldn’t have done if he was wearing a watch because he would have known he wasn’t late and would have waited! No? Ok. Cheers Liz.


  3. This short piece made me wonder about value. The value of fifty years plus service being recognised with a token gesture – after all I assume he was well paid and had a pension – so his frustration was borne out on an expectation of more, yet he did not recognise the value of the gift. I understand his feelings, I worked where over 250 personnel were asked to make a donation towards a gift for the top boss who was leaving, he decided what he wanted and we paid – more fool us.


  4. I feel his disappointment. My employer discontinued my position (or so they said) and escorted me out the front door. They boxed up my personal belongs and let me pick them up later. It was a sad way to end a 31 year career. I didn’t even get a damned bowl. So far, I’ve been fortunate to stay out of the path of buses. Let’s hope my luck continues.

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    1. Are you sure the box they used wasn’t an antique chest worth fortunes? At least I got a coffee mug when I left my last job. Actually, I stole it, but that’s our secret! Cheers Russell


  5. It looks like he didn’t have much retirement time.
    I suppose had he been around a bit longer he may have found out the value of the bowl or not.
    His dislike may have had other endings. I’m happy the duaghter got to have a little something for it. How much would that be in American dollars? Good write …
    Isadora 😎

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  6. Very creative take on the prompt–from his disappointment at his retirement gift, to your wording of “he stepped under a bus” to the bowl’s unexpected and unknown value at the end. Well done!

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