Sunday Photo Fiction




I’m very late. I need to cross the road but it’s so busy. There must be a gap in the traffic soon. Come on, come on…

Ah, a tunnel under the road. I’ll use that. There are lots of steps. Whoops, nearly tumbled. So many people. I’ll weave in and out. Excuse me, excuse me…

It’s like a rabbit burrow down here. Excuse me miss, sorry sir, coming through, ouch, sorry. Not that I’ve been down a burrow of course! This tunnel’s going on forever. Poor rabbits, living in a place like this.  What do you call a rabbit with fleas? Bugs Bunny!

Oh, a crossroads…cross tunnel? Whatever. Which way?  Left, right, straight …err, left.

I never thought I’d feel sorry for rabbits.  Except for the one I ate! Excuse me, stand clear, I’m coming through! It wasn’t even a nice rabbit stew, it had a hare in it!

A corner, another corner, run rabbit, run rabbit, run run run.  Two rabbits robbed a bank – Bunny and Clyde!

At last. Up we go two steps at a time. Ouch! Up we go ONE step at a time… and…daylight!

Oh. I’m back where I started. I’m very late. I need to cross the road…..



Sunday Photo Fiction is hosted by Susan who also provided the picture.


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