A 100 Word Story

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It’s back again. February. Every year it turns up around the same time. It’s peering at me through the window like a miserable grey demon.

It’s the middle of the day but it’s more like dusk. I can see the sea from here. It’s grey. Rising from the distant horizon the sky is grey, even the seagulls squawking overhead are grey. There’s a blanket of snow. Blankets are meant to keep you warm. Not this one. The only bit of colour I see is a lone daffodil bravely standing there to remind me that spring is waiting just around the corner.


Thanks once again to Rochelle for hosting, and to Dale Rogerson for this week’s photo.


96 thoughts on “A 100 Word Story”

  1. Such wonderful woe – I love it! Even the font of the title is irksome and grey! I love it ‘…peering through the window like a miserable grey demon’. A very accurate observation of February, although I find it a vast improvement on January!


  2. February does seem like the longest month, doesn’t it? We’ve been… ahhh… “blessed” with mounds of snow this year. Ain’t gonna see no daffodil for MONTHS!


  3. Being in Australia, I could shovel some of that snow and throw it into my car when I pick the kids up from school. It would be instant puddles. It’s been so hot.
    I love the image of this lone daffodil rising out of the snow. Do daffodils flower in the snow like this? No snow around my way. Only blue skies and a fuming sun.
    Best wishes,

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  4. Beautifully poetic!
    My short acquaintance with Daffodils is confined to the famous Wordsworth poem. Really like your image of the lone Daffodil and how it is symbolic of bright hope.

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  5. Enjoyed your little “ray of hope” daffodil, Keith. At -25C we have to contend with cats attracted to the door by the sun in windows, then coming to a dead stop on the thresh-hold and wanting to stand there in the open door to see if the weather warms up any. ☹

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  6. Shortest month, feels like the longest. Poor old February. But yes there are a few of those daffodils and if those don’t work there might be some left-over Valentine’s chocolates half-price at Tesco Express. I enjoyed your exaggerated gloom – very cheering!
    PS It has been comment mayhem in WordPress World this week. Did you leave me a comment by any chance? I approved a comment which went off into the ether, never to be seen again even by the Akismet Techies.

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  7. I’m reading this while the sun burns brightly outside in 30 degree summer. I’m looking for a little cool weather! 🙂 Really good writing here, Keith. Blankets of snow didn’t keep your MC warm, was a nice touch. Lovely ray of hope at the end too.

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