A 100 Word Story

Post 1628. Wednesday February 7

Seeing the picture of the Hotel Henry Berrisford in Guatemala reminded me of something that happened to me when I was in Prague several years ago!



chasing-stars.regular (1)

The hotel is grim but I’ve paid so I’ll stay. In need of sustenance, I enter the smoke-filled bar and sit at a wobbly table.

A surly-faced woman hands me a menu. I utter the one word understood in any language, beer. A foaming flagon is plonked before me and I order a two-course meal, knowing not what to expect. The first arrives. Bread topped with cheese, topped with cabbage. I struggle through it. My empty glass is refilled then my second course arrives. Grey meat topped with cheese, topped with cabbage. I eat what I can.

Another beer arrives and another and…I’m beginning to like this hotel!


js-brandThanks to Rochelle for hosting Friday Fictioneers and J S Brand for the picture.

98 thoughts on “A 100 Word Story”

  1. Ah yes, Prague. I still remember eating rabbit in my hotel dining room there. Not something I have ever seen on a menu around Detroit, but my parents raised rabbits and we had a lot of them for Sunday dinners. Obviously my hotel was a step – or a hop- up from yours, lol.

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  2. Czechoslovakia – the people – consume the most beer – in the world. So yeah, I can understand how “Beer” would see you through the … er …. “tougher to digest” meals. And yup, “Beer” is one of the short list of universal words. It can see you through in a pinch – which you’ve clearly shown in your story 🙂 LOL – fun reading Keith – and Cheers! 😀

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  3. ah – so nice and I did not know the word beer was so universal –
    cerveza baby!

    and you actually grabbed something major that happens a lot in society…

    “but I’ve paid so I’ll stay….”
    ph how often this happens to folks….

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  4. Love this. It made me think of that one line from the Bible where Jesus turns water into wine and the guy is like why are you serving the good stuff after everyone is already drunk? 😉 Fun story, evocatively told.

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  5. Everything is perfect once the beer goggles are on. I had something really delicious in a food stall in Thailand, to be honest I had no idea what I was eating but it was delicious.


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