A short story …

for the Ragtag Daily Prompt where Christine has given us the word Journalist to play with!




Freddie walked into the room wearing granddad’s hat, holding a note pad and licking a pencil. 

“Don’t do that”, said Mummy.

“It’s what reporters do, I saw it on the telly.  I’m going to write stories in newspapers when I grow up”.

“A journalist”, said Daddy.

“No,”  said Freddie, “not lists of journeys, stories”.

Millie starting giggling.  Big sisters can be so annoying.

“One, go to school, boring.” she chuckled, “Two, go to the park, fun.  Three, go to McDonald’s ….”

“Can we go to McDonald’s Mummy?”  interrupted Freddie.

“If you write a story about it, we’ll go,”  said Daddy.

“Okay!”  said Freddie hoping up and down.

That was twenty years ago. Freddie now works for a transport company and compiles lists of journeys for the drivers!



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