A tiny tale…

for Sunday Photo Fiction




I was in the library scanning the bookshelves for a copy of my favourite book, ‘The Charms of Dandyism, or Living in Style’  by Olivia Moreland, Chief of the Female Dandies.

I spotted it and as I attempted to slide it from the shelf, it pulled back.  I pulled, it pulled.  I pulled harder, it pulled harder.

Suddenly it came free and I flew backwards landing on the floor. 

I peered under the bottom shelf and spotted a pretty pair of ankles.  I climbed back to my feet and peeped through the gap left by  ‘The Charms of Dandyism blah blah blah’,  and looking back at me was the sweetest blue eye I’d ever seen.

download (1)“Hello, I’m Charlotte,”  said a cute little voice. 

“Hello, I’m Danny,”  said I. 

To cut a long story short we agreed to share the book and so started a new chapter in our lives. 


Thanks to Donna for hosting.  Photo Credit Morguefile



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