A conversation…

for Sunday Photo Fiction



Menagerie Melanie invited Tetchy Thomas round for a drink on her patio.  Her back yard is more like a safari park than a garden!  Not just her pets either, creatures come and go as if they own the place.

‘I wish your cat would stop staring at my glass’  moaned Tom.

‘Tell it to go then’ said Mel.

‘Me? How?’

‘Very funny Tom!’

‘What was?’


‘Why’s that cockerel staring at me?’ groaned Tom.

‘Probably wondering why you’re whining!’  joked Mel.

‘Ha bloody ha’ 

‘Tom, if animals had pubs, what do you think they’d drink?’

‘Well, deer would drink beer, sheep like baaaarly wine and cats, whiskies’.  At last, Tom was almost smiling.

‘Donkeys like cassis and rabbits, anything made with hops!’  chuckled Mel. 

‘So what would you call their pub?’  asked Tom.

‘Noah’s Ark’ suggested Mel.

Tom stood, raised his glass and tapped it with a spoon.   ‘Closing time’  he yelled.

With that, the cat and cockerel jumped down and all the other creatures began filing out of the gate.

‘Now look what you’ve done’  huffed Mel.

‘I’d think I’d better go too’  said Tetchy Thomas.

‘Yes, you should’  grumbled Menagerie Melanie.

‘I hope you find your pussy!’ 



DeAnnaGossman-chicken-catThanks to Donna for hosting and DeAnna Gossman for the photo.

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