One hundred words…

.For Friday Fictioneers


gaby.demo (3)


‘She collects seashells, paints them pretty colours and makes necklaces with them. At the centre of each piece, two joined shells conceal a folded scrap of paper. On it, a secret message.

She walks along the sand offering them to sun-worshippers for just a few pence. She says they’re made by mermaids. ‘They’ll keep you safe so long as the message remains unread’ she says.

I bought one out of curiosity. I prised open the shells and cut my finger in the process. Badly. I bent down to retrieve the message from the floor and banged my head on the table. Hard.

‘You were warned’ it said.





bokeh-priya-bajpalFriday Fictioneers is hosted by Rochelle. This week’s picture is by Priya Bajpal

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