Sunday Photo Fiction


Ouch ouch ouch… my new cactus pricked my finger and now it hurts to type. Ouch.  It was a Christmas pressie from my friend Rosey and it’s huge. Let’s try a different finger. Drvc##byyuuv07yh#. Perhaps not.

Christmas will soon be but a memory, chased away by the approaching New Year. How poetic! I call these in-between days Twixtmas!

What the hell was that bang? Hang on. Oh, a balloon just broke free and landed on that blasted cactus. Where was I?

Oh yes, 2018. It’s been…erm…err…mmmm. What exciting things happened? I bought some new shoes. Brownish. Nice. I had another birthday. Oh, found a tenner on the pavement. A good omen I thought. ‘This time next year Rosey, we’ll be millionaires!’ I yelled! (If you’re not a Brit you’re probably wondering why on earth I wrote that!) At least it paid for a couple of beers.

What else? Oh yes, almost forgot –  I got married! Yeah! Actually, I didn’t, just winding you up. Not even wishful thinking. Thrice bitten, frice shy!

2019 will be the year I do… something. I’ll plant that cactus in Rosey’s allotment for a start! Yes, it’s gonna be great. I hope. Happy New Year my friends!


SPF-10-14-18Joy-Pixley-3Sunday Photo Fiction is hosted by Susan Spaulding. This week’s photo is by Joy Pixley



15 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction”

  1. Happy New Year, Keith. Planning any more globe-trotting in 2019?

    Check the label on that cactus, though, make sure it spent its babyhood in the UK. You don’t want any surprise visitors. One woman’ daughter brought her home a souvenir from her trip to Mexico—a barrel cactus. A month or so later she heard the thing “breathing”, got spooked, and set it outside. A few minutes later the barrel exploded and out poured dozens of baby tarantulas. Fortunately this was January and it was -40 C+F. Made a fun holiday news item. 😉

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      1. We read this in the news some years back. I believe it happened in Manitoba, and I may have exaggerated. It may have only been -30 C that day. The “breathing” must have been all those hairy little legs scrabbling to get out. 🙂

        Cuba! Do you speak Spanish?


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