Friday Fictioneers


vtks-milkshake.regular (1)


He watches as the waiter tidies the mugs then returns to the kitchen. His phone vibrates. A message. Rear RHS 410 6750. He walks to the table, picks up a mug from the back of the right-hand stack and scoops up a key. He pours some coffee, returns to his seat, and makes polite conversation with a person at the next table. He drinks the coffee then leaves the dining room.

Enters lift, punches button four. Along the corridor to room 410. Enters room, locates the safe, keys in 6750, opens the door and removes an envelope. Exits the room, leaves the hotel.

Mission accomplished.

dinner-table-priorFriday Fictioneers is hosted by Rochelle. Thanks to Priorhouse for the photo.

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