Friday Fictioneers




‘What’s in that one?’ he asked.

‘Strawberry jam’ she said.

There were dozens of jars.

‘And that one?’ 

‘Preserved fruit’ 

After her husband departed, she started making stuff; marmalade, chutney, and the like.

‘That one looks interesting’ he said.

‘Inspector’ she said, wishing to change the subject. ‘I’m sure you’re not here to discuss my culinary skills’.

‘Absolutely’’ he said. ‘We’re somewhat concerned about the disappearance of your husband. I have a few questions for you’.


After the inspector left she picked up the ‘interesting’ jar.

‘You broke my heart, so I helped myself to yours’ she muttered. ‘You have no use for it now’


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meep-by-the-windowFor Friday Fictioneers which is hosted by Rochelle. The photo is courtesy of Jean L Hayes

79 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers”

  1. Hi Keith – there’s rather too much of that sort of thing going on or being found out about .. usually freezer jam – yugh! Not good – Hilary

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  2. After reading these stories, I headed off to the Scout parent committee meeting with some freshly baked brownies and almost felt I needed a certificate to prove they were safe. I’ve been wearing a pale pink jumper lately, which I see as “camo”. These days I’m having fun flying under the radar and being something of an observer. Dare I say, a spy. Power dressing is over-rated.
    Best wishes,

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      1. Not so much need for creeping around the blogosphere, just in the real world. Many people seem very stressed and on edge and could explode any minute. I’m trying to exit stage left.

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